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Subject: Re: Matt Taylor's magic de Bruijn Constant

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 22:54:58 07/13/03

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On July 13, 2003 at 18:33:51, Dieter Buerssner wrote:

>On July 13, 2003 at 06:03:00, Gerd Isenberg wrote:
>>Why are the unsigned multiplications translated to "imul" by the compiler?
>Isn't it the same? You only use the lower 32 bits of the result (otherwise mul
>would be needed). Imul gives the compiler much more freedom in register usage.

Hi Dieter,

1*1 or (-1)*1 and the lower 32 are different - or?
Ok we interprete (-1) as 0xffffffff - i see.

I didn't regocnize before, that there are more IMUL than MUL instructions.

In Opposition to BSF (don't considering 64bit), the 32bit-IMUL seems to be
further optimized with Opteron.



1. The IMUL is a VectorPath instruction. It cannot be decoded or paired with
other operations and, therefore, dispatches alone in pipe 0. The multiply
latency is four cycles.

IMUL reg16/32, mreg16/32, imm16/32 69h 11-xxx-xxx VectorPath 4/5

MUL mreg16 F7h 11-100-xxx VectorPath 4
MUL mreg32 F7h 11-100-xxx VectorPath 6

BSF reg16/32, mreg16/32 0Fh BCh 11-xxx-xxx VectorPath 8


IMUL reg16, mreg16, imm16 69h 11-xxx-xxx VectorPath 4
IMUL reg32/64, mreg32/64, imm32 69h 11-xxx-xxx DirectPath 3/4
IMUL reg16/32/64, mreg16/32/64 0Fh AFh 11-xxx-xxx DirectPath 3/3/4

MUL mem16  F7h mm-100-xxx VectorPath 7
MUL mreg32 F7h 11-100-xxx Double 3
MUL mem32  F7h mm-100-xx  Double 6
MUL mreg64 F7h 11-100-xxx Double 5

BSF reg16/32/64, mreg16/32/64 0Fh BCh 11-xxx-xxx VectorPath 8/8/9

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