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Subject: Re: Matt Taylor's magic de Bruijn Constant

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 23:11:47 07/13/03

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>Interesting, but not easy I would think. Hashing ok (did you solve that problem
>actually?), but at some point you will have to know where the pieces are. Take
>Swap() for instance. Direct attacks in Swap() you could do without LastBit, but
>how about discovered ones? You would have to know where the pieces are.
>Best regards,

Finally you need a lookup to a 64*64 table with the unique move-key.
But only in doMove - not during generation - and there is only one lookup for
two squares.

One more reason is that 32-bit IMUL becomes faster with Opteron (single
directpath 3 cycles), but BSF is still vectorpath with 8/9 cycles latency.


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