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Subject: Re: Matt Taylor's magic de Bruijn Constant

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 09:06:30 07/15/03

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On >You can answer _all_ of the above by running lm-bench.  It will tell
>you each one of those numbers, plus others.

oups - lm-bench is pure unix/linux tool, not yet installed.
Is there something similar for Windows?

What i miss, is a well defined algorithm, to messure latency correctly.
The several implementations may vary a lot dependent on choosing random
addresses. Is there always a real total cache miss?

At least i got an idea of this huge latencies -
and it may be dangerous to hash with huge tables in qsearch.

But i guess it is possible to hide this latencies in some way.
What about PREFETCHING the hashaddress and doing few hundred cycles pure
register processing eg. with mmx, sse2 and gp-registers (or some read/writes to
often used and cached source and target blocks), before really reading the


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