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Subject: Re: Hoyle Majestic Chess goes gold!

Author: John Merlino

Date: 08:22:06 07/26/03

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On July 26, 2003 at 05:31:41, Alastair Scott wrote:

>On July 25, 2003 at 18:58:47, John Merlino wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>This is just to notify you all that a program that I have been working on called
>>"Hoyle Majestic Chess" has now been approved for production and should be
>>available in US stores around August 22nd. The company that developed it (the
>>one that I work for) is called Fluent Entertainment.
>I shall be looking for it in the UK (not available from yet).
>I must say that, on a quick look at Vivendi's site, it has far more to offer
>than Kasparov Chessmate (which, although it uses the Ruffian engine, goes too
>far towards minimalism) and could well put a spoke in the wheels of Virtual
>Chess 3, which has been delayed two or three times now ...
>PS In one of the positions - screenshot 5 - how did a Black bishop turn up on f5
>with eight Black pawns still on the board and Black pawns still on b7 and d7? ;)
>Ridiculous positions are a stock-in-trade of chess advertising, but illegal ones
>take that to a new level!

All I can say about that screenshot is that I don't think I've ever been
involved in a chess program that was advertised without a screenshot or video
that had an illegal/impossible/stupid position. Or, even worse, the board placed
with a dark square on h1! :-)


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