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Subject: Re: Hoyle Majestic Chess goes gold!

Author: Roger D Davis

Date: 11:00:02 07/26/03

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On July 25, 2003 at 18:58:47, John Merlino wrote:

>Hello all,
>This is just to notify you all that a program that I have been working on called
>"Hoyle Majestic Chess" has now been approved for production and should be
>available in US stores around August 22nd. The company that developed it (the
>one that I work for) is called Fluent Entertainment.
>The official website is Right now this site forwards to
>Vivendi's site for the program. Vivendi is our publisher and has been doing a
>magnificent job getting the word out on this new program. The official site will
>be up and running some time next week.
>Some of you may not find the program interesting, as it is not intended for
>serious players (although serious players can certainly get a good challenge
>from Kittinger's fine new engine). It is mainly intended for people who simply
>want to have fun playing a game of chess. It has a smaller feature set than
>Chessmaster, certainly. But it does have full English advice, the ability to
>watch the engine think, 24 different personalities to play against, and the
>option to make your own personalities.
>Additionally, it has full-featured multiplayer online capability. It's 100% free
>and you do not need to sign up for any other service. Just create an account
>with a password and you're off and running.
>Finally, for the novice to lower-intermediate player (or for anybody looking for
>a fun new twist on chess), we have the Chess Adventure. This is a story-driven
>quest-based adventure with eight chapters of increasing difficulty that will
>help the weaker player to become a solid intermediate player. For those of you
>who know other computer games, think of it as chess meets "Heroes of Might and
>Overall, the program is stunningly gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Most of all,
>I'm just pleased that I am still able to help make good chess programs. I take
>nothing away from Chessmaster, but I'm glad that many people now have an
>alternative choice to that fine program that I worked on for so many years.
>If you have any questions about the program, you can ask them here, or send me a
>private e-mail, or use Vivendi's message board. This message board DOES require
>that you sign up for an account, but hopefully it will be a large community that
>will be able to share information. You can sign up for this message board by
>going to and clicking on the "Forum" link.
>Many thanks for your time,


I hope it's not too late to request a's a very simple feature. Many
times when I'm playing online in a longer time control, I want to make the board
small, but have the window be Always on Top, so that I can work in other
applications while my opponent thinks. This is always great if it's engine
versus engine, since I can work and glance up at the game at any time.

Would be great if your new program could do this, too.


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