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Subject: Re: Hoyle Majestic Chess goes gold!

Author: Brian Thomas

Date: 20:18:36 07/26/03

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What I don't quite understand -- and perhaps it's naivete -- but why not use UCI
that supports "standard" copy protection?  A good example of this is Deep Sjeng.
 The problem with these schemes is that they tie the engine to the GUI.

I do understand that CM, and HMC is targeted at "beginners" who probably do not
ever desire separation of engine and GUI, but it seems like it could very easily
be done by more traditional means.


>>>Does this mean it can be used as a wb engine in interfaces other than Majestic?
>>Let's just put it this way. It has copy protection like The King does in
>>Chessmaster (although it is a different scheme).
>>I really don't know anything about this copy protection scheme, because I was
>>not a programmer for Majestic Chess.
>>I think we'll leave it to Odd Gunnar Malin to find the workaround. :-)
>Hi John
>At least a "maybe" answer is better than a "no" answer. :-)

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