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Subject: Re: Hoyle Majestic Chess goes gold!

Author: John Merlino

Date: 21:05:30 07/26/03

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On July 26, 2003 at 19:29:25, Mike Byrne wrote:

>Good luck John - I hope it does well.
>form Hoyle's website
>Hoyle® Majestic Chess is a unique chess PC game featuring a variety of play
>styles, traditional and non-traditional learning mechanisms, robust Internet
>play and multiple chess-based challenges. With the abundance of options,
>Majestic Chess is uncharacteristically accessible to all levels of players,
>providing hours of fun for both the expert as well as the casual gamer who
>enjoys puzzles and board games. A top-notch chess product from members of the
>original Chessmaster team, Majestic Chess can go head to head with Chessmaster
>on any feature point AND includes "Chess Adventure" – an entirely original game
>that introduces the fun of chess by presenting a variety of challenges and
>puzzles in the context of a larger adventure.
>Could not help but notice the strong CM connection--
>"...."The King" of All Chess PC Games..."
>"...from members of the original Chessmaster team..."
>"...Majestic Chess can go head to head with Chessmaster on any feature point

That's marketing-speak for you....

Otherwise, I have "no comment".


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