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Subject: Replacement shemes

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 10:51:28 07/27/03

I've been trying some different hash schemes, and the one
that should be the best completely fails to solve a few positions.

Currently I use two tables, one of the criterias is to replace if it is the
same key (so I don't get the same key in both tables, same philosophy as with
killers moves), but only if the depth is greater or equal.

For some reason this fails on fine70 and similar positions.
If I do always replace on top of _the same_ key, then it works fine!?
I don't see the logic in that, and I'd really prefer to keep the deeper entry,

Could this indicate a bug, or can it be explained/fixed?

Currently I'm trying replace if LOWER bound (beta cut) or deeper, seems to work
well also, I still don't get it though.


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