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Subject: Re: a question to Tord about detecting threats in null move

Author: Arturo Ochoa

Date: 11:17:28 10/04/03

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>You are talking without knowing Uri, obviously.
>You are also talking about commputer chess without really knowing, I fear.

Mr. Theron: I like a lot your chess program (but this is not he topic).
I must invite you to type finger messchess in the ICC. I fear you are not in the
know that Mridul is already writing two chess programs.

>Uri has been talking with us about chess programs for a long time without
>writing one. So at the begining he came with ideas that were not really
>relevant, or not exactly to the point.

I have never found the Uri Blassīs arrogance as well as his weak arguments as a
useful thing. I only think it is a waste of time to try to discuss a topic with

>What I like about Uri is that at some point instead of keeping talking about the
>subject he has started to write his own chess program. I also know that he has a
>very scientific, objective approach in what he does.

This is your opinion. I agree your messages are very useful butyour postings has
a galactic distance from the Uri Blassī "objectivity". Scientific? He uses words
such as "I believe in something" (nothing is concrete for Uri Blass).

>So if I was you I would not give Uri beginners's advices like "test, test -
>don't assume". Because as far as I know that's exactly what he is doing.
>I also believe that Uri is right in not trying to get too much inspiration from
>other chess programs.
>I think you should refrain from giving lame advices to Uri and tell us instead
>about your achievements as a chess programmer.

I think it is better you also refrain to suggest and to judge people without a
strong basement and you should investigate the professional profile of Mridul
instead of defending Uri Blass.

Uri Blass should have the capacity of defending himself or Am I wrong?

Regards, Arturo Ochoa M.

>    Christophe

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