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Subject: Re: a question to Tord about detecting threats in null move

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 16:56:57 10/04/03

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On October 04, 2003 at 17:02:11, Uri Blass wrote:

[some clown remarks from Uri zipped]

>In one sentence:
>I think that in a fair tournament programs should use the same hardware or the
>best hardware that they can use under some price.

I paid nothing and just asked a question to government: "what kind of machine do
you guys have for me to use".

V/d Herik replied: "500 processors and a few pages a processor will do Vincent?"

I responded FINE, and got the machine for free after writing 500 pages.
In between reports and such added it's more like 1500 pages now in total, but
that is no problem. Answerring all the stupidity here is way more pages.

A dutch saying namely says: "a fool can ask more questions than 100 wise men can

So don't worry, you seem to do a good job here. Perhaps Christophe will again
write a very cynical posting about to never look at other programs and other
people as being a fine thing and i bet you'll step into it again :)

>>I find very funny this arguments. Ahh, they are just asumptions based on what?
>>What you believe? Good, who can rely on this?
>I do not understand what you mean.
>>>>>Note that the programmer told me that he did not mean to offend me so there is
>>>>>no problem with him.
>>>>>There are problems with you because you always try to offend other people(not
>>>>>only me).
>>>>You are not a different exception because you always think that you have the
>>>>reason with a prominent arrogance.
>>>If you talk about the fact that I believe that I may do something better than
>>>Crafty without using hash tables for pruning then it is still different than
>>>saying that Crafty's evaluation is primitive.
>>>I can agree that it may be better not to say what I believe about the future but
>>>saying "your evaluation is primitive" is clearly worse than saying "I believe
>>>that I can do better than you or even saying that you already have something
>>>I did not claim that it is easy to do a better evaluation than Crafty like
>>>vincent claimed when he claimed that the evaluation of Crafty is one day work.
>>Again, the topic is not other topic. All this stuff is circumtancial and
>>irrelevant. Could you focus on the topic?
>You said:
>"you always think that you have the reason with a prominent arrogance."
>I admit that I did not understand what do you mean and it seems that I guessed

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