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Subject: Re: a question to Tord about detecting threats in null move

Author: Arturo Ochoa

Date: 07:56:50 10/06/03

Go up one level in this thread

>1)If you want to be productive then give me the words that I was rude and
>insulting so I will know not to repeat my bad behaviour.

No, today I have been very productive stopping your nonsense here. More, you are
not going to tell me innocently that you are not awared about your Mridul

It seems to be that you ignore all the Professional and Techincal Profile of
Mridul underestimating a first his assevarations.

Only, point me out a Chess Title or Tournament that you have won, or if you have
the same technical experience in C Programmning that Mridul has.

A good Amateur Chess Programmer should not be so arrogant until he shows his
pawns in real Chess Tournaments.

In this case, today, I will continue wasting my valuable time stopping your
nonsense arguing.

>The only thing that I know that I said against somebody in this discussion was
>criticizing Vincent after he talked against me.
>I do not plan to use some opinion that somebody expressed in the past to laugh
>at him again and again and this is exactly what vincent is doing.
>I hope that Vincent will learn to disagree with other people without trying to
>humiliate them.
>I do not think that it is funny if somebody says something wrong.
>2)I took to my attention your claim that you do not remember positive things
>that I said about other people.
>There are programmers who helped me by advices in discussions or by source code
>that I looked at.
>I can mention Dieter(programmer of Yace) ,Gerd(programmer of Isichess),Bob
>Hyatt(programmer of Crafty),Ed(programmer of Rebel), Tord(programmer of
>Gothmog),Christophe(programmer of tiger) and there are other people that I do
>not remember their name at this moment.

Finally, you write a nice paragraph to somebody. It is nice and welcome to read
this paragraph. Thanks.


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