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Subject: Re: Very easy mate.

Author: leonid

Date: 05:26:33 11/07/03

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On November 06, 2003 at 21:42:49, Jonathan Kreuzer wrote:

>I decided to try my program on these. It is sometimes decalares mate very
>quickly, seems to do okay on these solving at 1 second and 50 seconds (even
>though the second position causes a Q-search explosion... it sometimes can't
>handle positions like that at all.)
>SlowChess 2.89 on AMD Athlon 1.4 GHZ
>1r6/1kp1P2R/1pr2QK1/pNP2B2/B1nq4/bN2nr1p/5Bp1/1R1b4 w - -
>depth=6 (Qf6xc6) +99.81 f6xc6+  b7xc6  e7e8+  b8xe8  b5xc7+  b6b5  a4xb5+  c6b7
>c7a6+  e8e7  h7xe7+  d4d7  e7xd7+  b7c8  d7c7+  c8d8  f2h4+  #mate
>Time: 00:00:01.10
>qqqrq3/q7/b1NPQQBP/K1Q5/P1R5/b1BQRQNP/k7/nrqqn3 w - -
>depth=7 (Qd3xb1) +99.73 d3xb1+  b8xb1  g6xb1+  a2xb1  c4b4+  d1b3  b4xb3+
>a1xb3+  e6xb3+  a3b2  b3xb2+  c1xb2  f3d1+  b1a2  d1a1+  b2xa1  c5a3+  a2xa3
>c3b2+  a3a2  e3a3+  a2b1  a3xa1+  b1c2  f6c3+  #mate
>Time: 00:00:50.03

If time is 50 seconds on second position it is already not "SlowChess". For many
programs it could take more than this.


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