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Subject: X3D Fritz engine testing

Author: Mig Greengard

Date: 19:42:52 11/10/03

Despite the gimmicky nature of the 'virtual reality' aspect, this is still a
match between a strong engine and the world #1. How strong an engine? I have the
version that will play Kasparov and ran a few 4'+2" blitz Nunn and Nunn2 matches
overnight against Junior 8 and Shredder 7.04.

X3D Fritz is tuned for play against humans and this was obvious in some of the
games. It has a fatal attraction for its queen and lost three games by keeping
its queen against rooks and pawns, or even more material. No other engine I
looked at did the same in those games. So the tuning is present and it matters.

Despite that (because?!), it scored 13.5-6.5 against Junior 8 in a Nunn match.
In a Nunn2 match against Shredder 7.04 X3D Fritz is winning 23.5-16.5 with ten
games still to play.

Yes, yes, all results are meaningless, etc. But it stands to reason a full year
of work would improve the engine regardless of the tuning.

I should be able to give evals from the actual game machine during my live
commentary at, but this hasn't been confirmed.

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