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Subject: Re: Question about evaluation and branch factor

Author: Anthony Cozzie

Date: 09:47:41 11/20/03

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On November 20, 2003 at 12:28:57, Marcus Prewarski wrote:

>I've been completely rewriting the evaluation function of my engine
>DrunkenMaster (not a strong one) because I was tired of seeing it make some
>really ugly moves and I want to give it better knowledge of king safety and pins
>and better passed pawn evals.  When I watch it play 5 minute games against an
>earlier version it seems like the evaulation is better overall.  However it
>seems like these evaluation changes have made the branch factor a bit worse in
>several test postions I have.  And it performs worse in WAC test suites which
>seems to agree with my observations.  I would think that improving my evaluation
>function would improve the search branch factor if anything.  So my question is
>does this mean that my newer evaluation function is actually worse in most cases
>than my old one or could it be something else like my move ordering is bad to
>begin with?
> -Marcus

More eval -> fewer '=' beta cutoffs.  Its just a fact of life :(  IIRC, Tim
Foden posted some numbers where material-only GLC outsearched normal GLC by ~4
ply.  Of course, it lost all its games.


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