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Subject: Re: Arena 1.0 / Ruffian 2.0 ... information!

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 13:55:15 11/21/03

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On November 21, 2003 at 06:41:19, Josť Carlos wrote:

>On November 21, 2003 at 06:27:28, Frank Quisinsky wrote:
>>On November 21, 2003 at 06:22:40, Josť Carlos wrote:
>>>On November 21, 2003 at 05:50:42, Frank Quisinsky wrote:
>>>>Hi there,
>>>>Our freeware Arena 1.0 is next week Thuesday / Wednesday available.
>>>>New options:
>>>>- Engine Blunder Check
>>>>- Opening book options
>>>>- Swiss system
>>>>- And all the time Martin work on bugfixes
>>>>In combination with Arena 1.0 is Ruffian 2.0 by Per-Ola Valfridsson available as
>>>>commercial product around 08th December 2003.
>>>>Distribution by "Schach Niggemann", Germany!
>>>>Information page:
>>>>Arena by Martin Blume:
>>>>Gladiators can try the strongest free available WinBoard / UCI Engine Ruffian
>>>>(included in the Freeware Arena Setup versions).
>>>>I believe (in my opinion) Ruffian 2.0 is around 100 ELO stronger as the Freeware
>>>>version 1.01 or ~ 75 ELO stronger as the Freeware version 1.05 with longer time
>>>>controls. With shorter time controls I believe 75 ELO stronger (or a little bit
>>>>more) as the Freeware version 1.01 and ~ 50 ELO stronger (or a little bit more)
>>>>as the Freeware version 1.05. SSDF will test the new version soon and I am sure
>>>>Gladiators too.
>>>>Available is a Linux version too (the world strongest Linux Chess Engine) and
>>>>different very good opening books. Available on this CD-ROM is the Leiden
>>>>version of Ruffian (Ruffian won the tournament in Leiden 2003) too. Possible
>>>>that a third Ruffian engine is avialalbe on the CD-Rom.
>>>>Produced by Frank Quisinsky!
>>>  How do you set the initial ranking for a swiss tournament in Arena? I've been
>>>searching for an anwser in the help files with no luck. Also I don't find
>>>anywhere in the engines properties to set an ELO or something like that.
>>>  Josť C.
>>Hi Jose,
>>you must pick up engines for a engine tournament.
>>You pick up Ruffian 2.0 on first position the ranking is 1!
>>You pick up Ruffian 1.05 on second position the ranking is 2!
>>You pick up Ruffian 1.01 on third position the ranking is 3!
>  I tried this, but the pairings were weird to me. I'll try again doing the
>pairings myself and comparing.
>>Why you will set an ELO.
>  Because in human swiss system tournaments you get your ranking position
>according to your ELO.
>>Arena have ELOstat support (more or less a PlugIn).
>  Yes, but that's different. I don't want to calculate an ELO, just to stablish
>an initial ranking (you answered this question in the first place so no need for
>an ELO ranking anymore).
>>You can give your ELO in newer Beta versions for get your own
>>Gladiator logo (nice new possibility) :-)
>>Have fun with Arena!
>>(Better is to ask in our support forum, other Arena users can read it and if the
>>question comes as second time I have a directly answer with link).
>  I think that if this forum is good enough to post the commercial advertisment,
>it's also good enough to answer questions. Also my german is not very good, and
>Arena forum is mostly in german. Also this forum is about computer chess, so I'm
>sure many posters here are familiar with Arena.
>  My sincere congratulations to Martin Blume for this excellent piece of
>  And thank you Frank for answering my question.
>  Josť C.


Messages in Arena Support Forum are in English and German possible!
Read the latest 10.000 messages and make a statistic. The most of the latest
messages are in English.

Please add your message in our forum.
I add then your message in our ASA (we listed in ASA messages about bugs, ideas,
wishes and so on). Martin can see your message fast without to must search!

This is the best way if your have a wish!
This is the best way for us!
This is the best way for other user to search a message!

Martin have no time to read all available chess fora for search bugs, ideas ...

Yes, you have right!!
I Have added in the latest years 30.000 messages in chess fora. A lot of
messages about free and commercial things and I made support for x chess
software programs in the past. Yes, this forum is good to add now after all this
years an own information about an own project! Furthermore I write not only
about a commercial project, I wrote about an Freeware project too!

Thanks for your kind words!
But bad that Martin can not found your "Thanks" in the own forum!


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