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Subject: WCCC: interesting position from Hossa - Ruy Lopez

Author: Steffen Jakob

Date: 00:13:08 11/26/03

In round 5 of the computer world championship in Graz the following position
between Hossa and Ruy Lopez was on the board:

[D]k2r4/pp2rppp/1qb1pn2/2N1B3/P3P3/2P2P2/4Q1PP/R2R2K1 w - - 0 29

Here Hossa played a move which is not particulary difficult to see for computers
but rather confusing for humans: 29. Rd4

Black could not take the knight c5 because of some back rank mate possibilities:

29. Rd4 Qxc5 30. Qc4! Qb6 (30... Qa5 31. Qb4) 31. a5 Rxd4 32. axb6 Rc4 33. Ra7#


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