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Subject: Re: To programmers: Hints for testing after a partial rewrite

Author: macaroni

Date: 18:37:19 12/08/03

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One thing I have done is write an EPD parser so it can run epd suites, then run
it through WAC or similar. Make it save the output to a file, and look at what
it's thinking, also can be a good idea to make it store the position at the
start of the position, and make sure it's the same when finishes a search, just
to make sure makemove and unmake are working in all situations. When I re-wrote
the movegen I made my program search to a set depth in the opening position with
a straight min-max algorithm, then checked the results against known numbers.
This should get most of the legel move bugs (although maybe check promotions
carfully in another position).
hope this helps

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