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Subject: Re: Another Crafty question

Author: Andrei Fortuna

Date: 13:44:23 12/21/03

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On December 21, 2003 at 16:26:10, F. Huber wrote:

>Hi Andrei,
>if you enter ´black´ then Crafty thinks, that the black side has the next move,
>and so ´e2e4´ is illegal of course!

Of course !
I knew it was something I did wrong !
I checked the winboard specs and you are right of course ! Until now I assumed
the other way around, that if I send a 'white' command then my engine plays as

Thanks !

>You really should better run Crafty under WinBoard or Arena -
>thas much more comfortable. ;-)

I don't play from the command line.
This was just to test crafty.
Normally I play crafty and all the other engines under an adapter I've written.
See my first message in thread for an explanation about this adapter.


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