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Subject: Re: Chess program authors -- for Reinhard (GER)

Author: Reinhard Scharnagl

Date: 19:49:40 01/09/04

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On January 09, 2004 at 22:12:35, Peter Berger wrote:

>On January 09, 2004 at 19:17:55, Reinhard Scharnagl wrote:
>>Meine Smirf Beta war ja offenbar nicht ganz fehlerfrei, und mit deinem Mattlöser
>>konnte sie natürlich auch nicht so recht mithalten. Zudem hat sie offenbar außer
>>in dir nur wenig Interessenten gefunden.
>Please let me answer in English, trying to adress a rather popular
>misunderstanding (not directly answering you of course!).
>Chest is surely the most popular freeware matesolver availlable.
>Its author is Heiner Marxen (homepage , who is
>a a great, *incredibly* clever guy, and surely one of the nicest persons I ever
>met personally since I started to develop any interest in the world of
>chessprograms. Though it is impossible for a layman to follow him when he gets
>serious explaining his stuff , it is also impossible to not be deeply impressed
>by his dedication, his intelligence, his passion and his ideas.
>For maths people his work on the Busy Beaver machines might be more well-known
>Franz Huber made Chest availlable for us mainstream users by writing an UCI
>interface for it, and this was a great job done by him.
>But to the best of my knowledge ChestUCI still remains strictly an interface for
>Heiner Marxen's great matesolver, and the matesolving algorithms were all
>developped (or implemented) by him and his former teammates.
>>Aber noch fehlt mir etwas das Durchhaltevermögen. So trainere ich eben ein wenig
>>meinen Kopf mit Forumsbeiträgen. Leider stoßen diese aber auf nur geringe
>>Gegenliebe, aber das kenne ich ja schon.
>Gute Besserung!

Thank you for your motivating!

Franz was the one of my about three fans, who encouraged me to complete my Smirf
beta to a playable UCI mating engine (still with some minor bugs). So I needed a
time out to think it over, now having a lot of new ideas which would best lead
to a complete redesign, especially because of supporting 10x8 chess variants and
(as before) FRC.

Though Arena is a brilliant new GUI it still is (as far as I know) not yet fully
compatible with FRC-FEN, and - absolutly clear - could not be for my latest
proposal. I hope, when a new Smirf beta will be released someday, there would
exist a (UCI) GUI, which supports at least FRC completly.

Regards, Reinhard.

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