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Subject: Re: Chess program authors -- for Peter (ENG again)

Author: Heiner Marxen

Date: 13:01:32 01/10/04

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On January 10, 2004 at 02:31:01, F. Huber wrote:

>On January 09, 2004 at 22:12:35, Peter Berger wrote:

Hello Peter, Hello Franz!

>>Please let me answer in English, trying to adress a rather popular
>>misunderstanding (not directly answering you of course!).
>>Chest is surely the most popular freeware matesolver availlable.
>>Its author is Heiner Marxen (homepage , who is
>>a a great, *incredibly* clever guy, and surely one of the nicest persons I ever
>>met personally since I started to develop any interest in the world of
>>chessprograms. Though it is impossible for a layman to follow him when he gets
>>serious explaining his stuff , it is also impossible to not be deeply impressed
>>by his dedication, his intelligence, his passion and his ideas.

Wow!  Thanks for all the beatiful flowers, Peter!

>>For maths people his work on the Busy Beaver machines might be more well-known
>>Franz Huber made Chest availlable for us mainstream users by writing an UCI
>>interface for it, and this was a great job done by him.
>>But to the best of my knowledge ChestUCI still remains strictly an interface for
>>Heiner Marxen's great matesolver, and the matesolving algorithms were all
>>developped (or implemented) by him and his former teammates.
>Hello Peter,
>I don´t think that there´s any ´rather popular misunderstanding´ between Chest
>and ChestUCI at all - and if, then it´s absolutely not my fault!
>I´ve never let any doubt about it, _who_ is the author of this fantastic
>matesolver, and everybody who takes a short look at my program description
>can read this more than only once.
>Yes, the mate solving algorithms are of course from Heiner Marxen, and they
>are indeed so sophisticated, that I wouldn´t know at all how to add something
>or improve them in any way.
>But it´s also true, that I had to do a _lot_ of changes directly in the
>original Chest source modules too, to make Chest as comfortable and
>informative as it is now in conjunction with the interface ChestUCI -
>e.g. output in coordinate format, sorting and rearranging of the solutions
>(for automatically going through all main lines), showing all those search
>informations (originally not implemented in Chest at all), finding only the
>first solution (if wanted), etc. ... (to mention only a few changes!).

I can confirm that!  ;-)

>So it was really not as simple as many people may think: only transferring
>the mate problem to Chest and then displaying Chests output wouldn´t have
>taken me some hundred hours of programming within the last 1 1/2 years!
>And it would also be interesting, how many percent of the people using
>ChestUCI would still use the original Chest in its command line version,
>if this interface wouldn´t exist - my guess is ´not more than 5%´.

That may quite well be true.  I'm very grateful for the great job you
have done with ChestUCI!  Many thanks!


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