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Subject: Re: QSearch() as PVS() ?

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 02:58:37 01/15/04

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On January 14, 2004 at 20:11:02, Anthony Cozzie wrote:

>On January 14, 2004 at 18:25:34, Tord Romstad wrote:
>>And in general, if you want to knock MTD(f), you really need to base your
>>conclusions on something more substantial than games against Gothmog, which
>>undeniably is the slowest, weakest and most buggy MTD(f) engine known to
>>man.  Gothmog is nothing but a clown, and although it occasionally shows
>>some entertainment value, it is not a serious chess program and should not
>>be evaluated as such.
>I base this on my own experiments with Zappa and MTD(f).  The exact same
>scenario happened in a game vs the Baron.  Score falls, takes Zappa extends >time ilke crazy, still gets only 8 ply in 1 minute (!!) makes bad move,

OK, but I don't think you played with MTD(f) long enough to make it work
really well.  You cannot simply replace PVS with MTD(f) and expect that
your engine will play as well as or better than before; it takes a long
time to learn all the tricks.  Many techniques which work well with PVS
are less effective with MTD(f), and the same holds true in the opposite
direction.  This, of course, makes it very difficult to make an objective
comparison of the two algorithms.

Only 8 plies in 1 minute seems quite bad -- it happens very rarely for
Gothmog, I think.

>How much RAM does a Palm have?

Most current models have between 8 MB and 64 MB.  But the RAM is also
used for permanent storage; there is no hard disk.  All your programs
and data are stored in RAM.  There are also some rather strict
limitations about how much memory each application is allowed to use,
but I think this situation will change in Palm OS 6 (which will be
ready before my program is finished).  But nevertheless, the total
size of my code and data should probably not exceed 400 kB.


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