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Subject: Re: hanging pieces in rebel

Author: Volker Böhm

Date: 01:23:48 01/16/04

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On January 15, 2004 at 18:18:17, rasjid chan wrote:

>The idea of this attack table is only to record whether a piece( type)
>is attacked by other types and this is usually the most important.
>It cannot even distinguish if knight/bishop is attacking; this is what
>8 bits can be can give. The number of attacks must only be a total.
>Is'nt it very important to know if your queen is threathened by a pawn
>or a piece is hung - has attacker and zero defender.

There is a good Web-Page with informations about rebell:

I use a bit different data-structure:
1. 1 Bit for the King
2. 1 Bit for the Queen
3. 2 Bits for Rooks
4. 2 Bits for Bishops and Knights
5. 2 Bits for Pawns

total 8 Bits, but don´t cover if 2 queens are attacking the same sqare. They are
counted as 1 queen. Worst if 4 bishops and knights are attacking the same sqare
(verry rare isn´t it). They are counted as one rook (overflow).

I´am not using exact attack-tables to calulating them. When building these
"eval-attack" tables I am able to "walk-through" pieces. For Example a queen is
able to walk through a rook. Only point I am missing is i don´t know witch goes

And yes it is time consuming (haven´t got bit-boards).

Greetings Mangar

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