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Subject: Re: Using Chessbase GUI to play in CCT6

Author: enrico carrisco

Date: 14:47:13 01/23/04

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On January 23, 2004 at 17:41:45, Thomas Mayer wrote:

>Hi Enrico,
>> Hello Thomas..  I commented on it when you first posted.  It was a great idea
>> and I wish we had the code to Ebbi's autoplayer to modify it in the same
>> fashion.  However, unless you've greatly updated Remi's old project -- it had
>> many problems when using it on the ICSs and would stop moving, lose moves and
>> couldn't resume a stored game (hence, if someone is disconnected during CCT6,
>> they are done...)
>well, sure there are some problems - I had some contact to Eberhard, maybe some
>more may ask him if he want to implement kibitzing in a similar way... I know
>about some limitations of Rémi's Auto232-player and did try to get it compatible
>to as many GUIs as possible - but Ebbi's Adapter is somewhat better, that is
>sure - but as you pointed out, the source is not available.
>At least I did some testmatches with Junior 8 and they did work quite fine (but
>I had no disconnects).
>Greets, Thomas

Heck, if you have contact with Eberhard -- ask him to add a command line to
specify kibitzing and a filename (winboard232c.exe -k d:\program
files.....\eval.txt) and do the same thing you do -- paste the file contents to
ICC right before sending the auto232 move.  Additionally, the file could be
deleted as a safety precaution, and re-created each time by the engine's PV

He is an old friend, but I've lost his email address.  When we had first thought
about entering CCT5, I worked with him a bit, but then Mark and I pulled away
from the idea for different reasons.


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