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Subject: Re: Using Chessbase GUI to play in CCT6

Author: enrico carrisco

Date: 18:09:53 01/23/04

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On January 23, 2004 at 20:54:33, Peter Berger wrote:

>On January 23, 2004 at 20:37:56, enrico carrisco wrote:
>>It seems, however, that it was quite impacting upon you.  Take any version of
>>Hiarcs you want, remove the book and run a small tournament vs. Bringer to cure
>>that problem.
>When it is about what I posted, I think it stands on its own, even with the
>changes you introduced to it.
>When it is about this statement of yours, you can't be discussing with me , so
>it is hard to adress your points ( whatever they might be). Will Hiarcs win a
>match against Bringer when Hiarcs uses no book at all and Bringer uses whatever
>Grail-like book ? Sure - Hiarcs is _much_ stronger, as everyone knows.
>Does this mean Bringer cheats whenever it wins one from Hiarcs, by stealing the
>work/opening book from professionals ? I think this is the point where you
>definitely get unreal.

I never mentioned anything of the sort -- nor intended to.  Curious, however,
why you took it that way without any concrete clarification.  Anyway, enough
said since even after I attempt to make my point clearer for the reading
impaired and paranoid -- you still seem to misinterpret in a troll-like manner.


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