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Subject: Pepito @ CCT6 After thoughts

Author: Nolan Denson

Date: 17:25:56 02/01/04

What started out as a great trny for Pepito went sour ... all in all it didn't
have a bad trny.  Pepito seem to have started playing poorly when i increase the
Hash& Cache size .. I discovered this when i was playing some games on ICC and
just wanted to see what it could have done wrong.  I notice with the larger size
it was making very poor moves.   I then went back to a smaller size 128 megs and
it started playing much better.  So i was awaiting the next day of the trny to
see how this new idea would work out.  Pepito missed it 6th game of the trny due
to server reboot ... I didn't notice it was off line until too late.
The rest of the games Pepito Drew 1 and won 2. Throught the whole trny Pepito
lost 2 games .... 1 to Crafty and 1 to Xinxx .. not too bad.

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