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Subject: Re: Crafty CCT6 notes

Author: Amir Ban

Date: 02:40:12 02/02/04

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On February 01, 2004 at 22:39:20, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>Round 8.  White vs Junior.  Obviously this would be a bear of an opponent, and
>the game did not disappoint.  Crafty worked up an edge after leaving the book at
>+.17 (nearly equal) to +.6 by move 16 (book ended at move 7 as Junior chose to
>not repeat the previously tried responses to d4 others played, and apparently
>listened to a comment by IM Schroer to play something different.  Junior let
>things get a bit wild, and starting around move 20 we were hitting 16 plies
>every time and our score was up to +1.0 with some wild tactics.  We ended up
>winning a piece for three pawns and then a very sharp tactical struggle followed
>where either side might have won.  A well-deserved by both players result of
>draw was reached (perpetual by Junior) at move 64.

Concur and add:

The book was Boris Alterman's Graz book. I did no book preparations or

After white's f4 Junior thought it had an advantage, with a b5, b4 plan. b5
would temporarily get the black queen stuck, but I was unconcerned as this
Junior is pretty immune from queen trouble. However b4 got a fail low, and it
switched to the senseless Kh8. This signaled to me that we were getting

After white's Qb4 I think not exchanging queens was correct. With the queens off
black's b5 falls and it looks gloomy.

After Qh4 g3 it looked bad for black. Junior can see what the passed a-pawn can
do, and its evaluation fell below crafty's. The desperation play worked. Junior
never took the 3rd pawn for the knight: no time for that.

According to Junior, Crafty may have thrown the game with Qc1. It was much
calmer after that.

In the end, after e5, it was getting really dangerous for white. But anything
but a draw would be injustice.

Congratulations, and see you at the NPS challenge.


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