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Subject: Re: Crafty CCT6 notes

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 07:48:10 02/02/04

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On February 02, 2004 at 10:30:16, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>There are some "impressions" I get when playing other programs.  IE with
>my dual xeon, when playing "deep shredder" I always have the feeling that
>Shredder knows everything my program knows, but searches deeper.  I win
>some games, but it always feels like I am pushing a bus uphill to make any


>The new hiarcs seems to feel a lot like shredder,

(Another big snip)

>The search never "crumbled" as sometimes happens on my xeon when my
>opponent has better hardware and a better search too (shredder/hiarcs for

This raises the obvious question:  What do Shredder and Hiarcs do to
achieve the bus pushing effect without having a massive hardware advantage?
How are they able to outsearch strong and (NPS-wise) much faster programs
like Crafty?  They do forward pruning, of course, but I wish I had a better
idea of precisely what tricks they use.  One of the many reasons I look
forward to the Palm OS version of Hiarcs is that I will finally have the
chance to play with the engine myself and see if I can figure out some of
its secrets.


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