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Subject: Re: Crafty CCT6 notes

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 10:29:59 02/02/04

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On February 02, 2004 at 12:44:05, Frank Phillips wrote:

>Congratulation Bob.
>Awesome spectacle - particularly the game against Junior.
>I started the Searcher games while you were away.  A bit like lighting the fuse
>on a bomb and waiting to see what happens.  Massacre.  (Although to be fair, I
>saw most of the moves, but 2 ply later.).
>Of great interest to me was the way Hiarcs and Junior withstood your big iron.
>They must be doing something different to the standard
>pvs+nullmove+extensions+(futility pruning)+egtb.... ?

I am glad you started the game.  Someone was mailbombing us and completely
knocked us off the network for a couple of hours.  Fortunately I had left the
opteron logged on.  When the attack has passed and I finally got back on CCC,
the game was over...

Yes, they are doing something interesting in their searches.  One day we will
figure out what. :)

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