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Subject: Re: Crafty CCT6 notes

Author: Bob Durrett

Date: 13:11:21 02/02/04

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On February 02, 2004 at 15:14:48, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>On February 02, 2004 at 13:54:31, Bob Durrett wrote:
>>On February 02, 2004 at 09:51:22, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>>On February 02, 2004 at 05:48:56, Thao Tak-Sen wrote:
>>>>Hello Robert,
>>>>congrats on achieving CCT6 title
>>>>it is getting too late,GO ON
>>>>do your WORK!try to finish "what is in your to do list"
>>>>Remember?   :))
>>>>next time Crafty running on quad 4 X 2.2 GHZ  opteron would battle
>>>>Shredder,Fritz and Hydra!
>>>>any plans for IPCCC paderborn and CSVN Leiden?
>>>I would like to make a WCCC event at some point.  But with the present group
>>>running the thing, and the week+ time-frame, I don't see how.  Other events are
>>>also difficult.  IE some are on two weekends.  Not practical from a travel point
>>>of view for international competitors.
>>>But, based on current reasoning, "since I obviously have a chance to win, I will
>>>come at some point in time."  :)
>>Bob H., the solution is for someone familiar with Crafty and technically
>>competent to serve as a Crafty operator in your place.
>>Bob D.
>If it were only that simple.  :)  I have done that twice at WMCCC events, but
>the rules were changed to make it impossible.  IE the rules were modified to say
>that a program _author_ had to attend.  But then they chose to not enforce those
>without letting me know it was still an option.  Now I think they just charge a
>higher entry fee, which is a ridiculous concept in its own right.

There is at least one person here at CCC who might, hopefully, be able to make
the case for being an "author" for Crafty, albeit a minor one.  That would be a
distortion of the true facts perhaps, but it might work.  Some chess programs
have multiple authors.  Surely they would not require that all of these authors
be present. If someone here has his own modified version of Crafty [modified
with your blessing] then maybe it could be entered.  At least that would get
around the higher entry fee.

Of course, the problem may nnot be that easy either.  : (

There may be a determined effort by someone to exclude Crafty, although I do not
suggest paranoia on this topic.  Maybe they would claim that the version entered
was another "Crafty clone"?  ["Anything remotely resembling Crafty must be

Anyway, at some point there are diminishing returns and it's not worth the

Bob D.

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