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Subject: Re: Tohno @ CCT6

Author: Will Singleton

Date: 14:31:13 02/02/04

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Thanks for your comments, and thanks for joining CCT6.  Programs of all
strengths are welcome.  One of the benefits to joining the event is to meet in
real-time with your fellow chess programmers, to enjoy conversation, to perhaps
learn a few techniques or things to try, and to get motivated to improve your
program.  You are right, this field was very strong, most folks have been doing
this for several years and more.

Don't mind that troll who first responded to your message, he's just a sad soul
attempting to make up for his own inadequacies.


On February 02, 2004 at 16:16:28, Per Steneskog wrote:

>Heh, no I am not going to give any comments about the games :-)
>If you don't know how well Tohno did, it's cause you didn't scroll down the
>whole result page. Obviously Tohno was several levels weaker (depth=6, ~25kns)
>than any other of the engines. I was hoping at least some other weak engine was
>going to join, but no. Is Tohno's strength unique or am I the only author who is
>brave enough to make a fool of my "program"?
>I have followed this forum on and off for three years. Well, at the tourney I
>was a little surprised of the very nice atmosphere between the authors. Fun
>seeing all of you "live" at the same time. I am not used to talk during the
>games with my "opponent", but it was interesting discussing our programs and
>other topics.
>A big thanks go to the TD Volker. Never seen a tourney running so smooth. I was
>sure the first round would be delayed (with all ICC-newbies, disconnections and
>the number of participants). Great Work! Also IM Schroer's close follow of the
>games and knowledge increased the joy.
>The last round became very exciting, and with that hardware Crafty was
>impressive. If Zappa would have had a real opening book or Movei used egtb it
>might have been different. But it's just a game (well 15 games). Congrats to
>Bob! Must feels good.
>This was my first CCT, and not last if the tradition will continue. I support
>the idea of having it twice a year. One standard and one blitz (preferable
>round-robin in Tomato). But now I have some homework to do...
>// "Epor", Per Steneskog

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