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Subject: Re: Tohno @ CCT6

Author: Tom Likens

Date: 15:28:03 02/02/04

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On February 02, 2004 at 16:58:03, Thao Tak-Sen wrote:

>On February 02, 2004 at 16:16:28, Per Steneskog wrote:
>>Heh, no I am not going to give any comments about the games :-)
>Thanks for telling us.
>>If you don't know how well Tohno did, it's cause you didn't scroll down the
>>whole result page. Obviously Tohno was several levels weaker (depth=6, ~25kns)
>>than any other of the engines. I was hoping at least some other weak engine was
>>going to join, but no. Is Tohno's strength unique or am I the only author who is
>>brave enough to make a fool of my "program"?
>if Olithink not permitted, opponent "Bye" could have joined you :)
>>I have followed this forum on and off for three years. Well, at the tourney I
>>was a little surprised of the very nice atmosphere between the authors. Fun
>>seeing all of you "live" at the same time. I am not used to talk during the
>>games with my "opponent", but it was interesting discussing our programs and
>>other topics.
>>A big thanks go to the TD Volker.
>Sorry for letting my program play in this event.
>>This was my first CCT, and not last if the tradition will continue. I support
>>the idea of having it twice a year. One standard and one blitz (preferable
>>round-robin in Tomato).
>>But now I have some homework to do...
>what homework?
>i guess engine work?

When your engine wins CCT-? you can run your mouth.  Until then get stuffed!!


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