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Subject: Re: Olithink @ CCT6/ nonsense, Skinner !

Author: Joel

Date: 21:25:24 02/02/04

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In my opinion, OliThink's eval in the game against Bodo was very poor.

[D] 1r1k1q2/p3br2/Bp1p4/2p5/3pQ3/1P3P2/P1P4P/1K2R1R1 b

This diagram is almost right, but needs to be flipped across a vertical line
going through the centre of the board.

I might be bothered posting the correct one later (I am at work atm, this is cut
and pasted from Peter's msg).

But anyhow, its good enough to demonstrate a point. Namely, that Olithink's eval
was off by a mile! Look at the difference in king safety! Bodo has a decent pawn
sheild, and a fearsome attack on an open file, against OliThink's king which is
sitting like a duck in the centre!


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