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Subject: OliThink@CCT6 - Programmers View

Author: Dr. Oliver Brausch

Date: 04:40:14 02/03/04

First I have to thank a lot to Peter Skinner, who really did an
amazing and ambitious job as Operator. Unfortunataly the latest
(and stronger) Version of OliThink was not stable and so Peter
spent hours with me to get a stable (and weaker) version.

Then I want to thank Dann Corbit, who no only inspired me taking part
to this tourney. but to keep on working on this project beside
my work and private life.

The first surprise was that OliThink was seeded 24. with an ELO of
2400, which was overrated for this time control.
OliThink never has been a engine for standard games.
Its strength always focused on very fast games. e.g. in blitz games
it often kicked Alarm's butt which did its revenge in CCT6.

So I am really not unhappy with the result of 4 out of 9. With some
more luck it could have been even some points more (see Peter's

If you consider that OliThink is by far the shortest programm
(70kb executable, 1600 lines of code) and has hardly evaluation,
(It was always the aim of OliThink to keep the code compact and short)
it is rather a success.

It was a great tourney and I hope it will take part soon at CCT7 with
a stronger Version of OliThink.
But whatever happenes, OliThink will keep being open source like more
software should be.

Oliver Brausch

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