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Subject: evidence?

Author: Thao Tak-Sen

Date: 07:16:04 02/03/04

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On February 03, 2004 at 10:01:48, Mike S. wrote:

>On February 03, 2004 at 09:13:22, Thao Tak-Sen wrote:
>>i'm assuming Zappa might be the Crafty clone,but i doubt it.this is not the
>>mistake against the charter.
>It is against "real life" charter (which goes above CCC charter) to issue such
>assumptions without giving any evidence. If you do that in public, you might be
>(I cannot comment on how public CCC is considered regarding this, as it requires
>a password.)
>I'd say if he cannot bring evidence, he should be banned.
>Because if not, the next thing will be some people will "assume, but doubt" that
>every engine is every engine's clone...

i said, i doubt it.
how could i give you "evidence" without having a look at binary or source,file
size,more games?
nohing is shown
other program deserve the 3rd place in CCT6
why dont you consider it in a case of List?
Fritz Reul is afraid to speak,even after his exam
and in same case,Anthony outspoke
wait for "time to come"

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