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Subject: Re: Interesting position from Guenther Simon's RWBC

Author: Omid David Tabibi

Date: 15:42:54 02/20/04

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On February 20, 2004 at 16:59:44, Tim Foden wrote:

>Here is a position that occured between ZCHess 2.22 and Deep Sjeng 1.5 (ZChess
>was white).
>Most engines (well the one's we tested anyway!) don't like white here, but
>ZChess went on to win.
>[D]2r3k1/R4p2/1p2p1pp/1b1nQ3/3P3P/3q1PN1/5BP1/6K1 w - - 0 1
>The plan for white of Ne4 Kh2! Be1! Bd2 looks to win every time.  Any other
>engines see the win for white here?

Falcon finds the plan quite easily, but doesn't show an advantage for white:

Falcon running on GenuineIntel 733MHz 256MB:
depth     time    nodes   nps  score  variation
 8/23     3.25     409k  125k  -1.06  1.g1h2 c8f8 2.g3e4 d3f1 3.h2g3 b5e2
                                      4.e4d2 f1d1
 9/27     6.27     799k  127k  -1.02  1.g1h2 c8f8 2.f2e1 f8e8 3.e1f2 d3d1
                                      4.g3e4 e8c8 5.e4d6
10/33    16.90    2117k  125k  -0.80  1.g1h2 c8f8 2.f2e1 d3c2 3.g3e4 b5d3
                                      4.e1d2 g6g5 5.h4h5 d3e4 6.f3e4 c2d2

>(for the game see Guenther's site
>Cheers, Tim.

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