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Subject: PopCount optimization

Author: milix

Date: 07:31:22 03/11/04

Hello to everyone.
I'm trying to optimize various parts of my bitboard engine and I found an
optimization for my popcount() routine. I was using the routine:

int popcount_1(const bitboard bb) {
   register int cnt=0;
   register bitboard a=bb;
   while (a) {
      cnt += bytecount[a & 0xff];
      a >>= 8;
   return cnt;

where bytecount is a looup table for byte counts.

I changed this routine a bit to

int popcount_2(const bitboard bb) {
   register int cnt=0;
   unsigned long a1 = *((unsigned long*)&bb);
   unsigned long a2 = *(((unsigned long*)&bb)+1);
   while (a1) {
      cnt += bytecount[a1 & 0xff];
      a1 >>= 8;
   while (a2) {
      cnt += bytecount[a2 & 0xff];
      a2 >>= 8;
   return cnt;

and the routine popcount_2 was 2x times faster than popcount_1. It is even
faster than the assembly routine provided by AMD for popcounts. I tested the
routines using 1000 randomly generated bitboards.
Do I miss something here or it is an improvement? Have anyone else tried a
similar idea?

My computer specs are:
AMD Athlon XP 1600+
512 MB RAM

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