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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Terry Presgrove

Date: 14:26:44 12/12/98

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On December 12, 1998 at 16:17:12, SEAN EVANS wrote:

>On December 12, 1998 at 15:47:48, Prakash Das wrote:
>> Again, warnings to the person who wrote first comparing to Eichmann.
>Interesting Prakash Das.... so you are going to monitor and read every single
>post at rgcc and CCC which is the only way you will know what is happening
>there... please forgive my sarcasm but I am being *bluntly* honest as your point
>makes absolutely no sense....
>> I believe as default, that people are going to behave intelligently and
>>respectfully. It would not be acceptable to take a originating "nasty"
>>discussion in CCC and continue attacking the person outside it. That person
>>may/may not be reading usenet and CCC, or one of them. CCC members should behave
>>responsibly towards other members. Having said that, I will always reserve my
>>right for exceptions.
>Uhhhh.... if you are serious about that... there will be *many* posters at rgcc
>who are considered good CCC members *carded* under your proposal... again your
>theory sounds plausible.... but in reality it cannot be applied...
>>>posts, his nemesis wrote a sarcastic reply to it (in CCC), including a ":-)"
>Sorry not sure what :-) means is this swearing or what ??!!
>> It may or may not be true the banned member is a jerk, but it would not be
>>acceptable to me to call him/her a jerk on CCC message board.
>> I don't care. If he/she is posting informative stuff as related to CCC charter,
>> that's fine with me. But clearly, an obscene name would not be acceptable.
>> Clearly not acceptable.
>Uhhhh.... Okay I shall give you that one....
>>I believe a moderator should be understanding and not a hot head.
>Interesting..... how about fair and objective ?!
>>Prakash Das
>Sorry Prakash Das... with obviously your best of intentions you simply just do
>not understand how Usenet works,  it is not so simple, in fact Bruce Moreland's
>questions posed are almost unanswerable.... the key is to just stay focused on
>CCC and not try to control people off the board.... rgcc is a good place for
>people to vent... they cannot do that here at CCC...
>I say this with a smile...
>Best regards,
>Sean Evans

 What goes on in other forums or in private should have nothing to do with CCC.
 CCC moderators cannot and should not be "Big Brother".

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