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Subject: Re: Arena 1.08 with UCI II support available in ASA ...

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 09:28:36 04/08/04

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On April 08, 2004 at 12:18:34, Steve Maughan wrote:

>Great news!
>The new version of Monarch will support some of the new UCI 2 features so I'm
>pleased that Arean is also supporting UCI 2.
>PS I have no problems entering the ASA but my username and password is not
>accepted to enter the forum - do you know what the problems is?

Hi Steve,

the forum is since one month read protected and the problem with the read
protection are the additional charakters in username.

If you added a message in our forum you can see in Thread title:
Steve Maughan (Monarch)

Different persons have an additional name in ().
See our member list of 588 members:

() = addional charakters!

So you have to give for "read" the Arena Support Forum:

Steve Maughan Monarch
and your password
... without ()

You can use your password for ASA and read / write in our forum.


For ASA:
Steve Maughan
and your password

For Arena Support Forum (read)
Steve Maughan Monarch
and your password

For Arena Support Forum (write a message)
only your password

A little bit complicated but we used two provider:

01. Arnea Support Forum = Parsimony Forum
02. ASA = Hosix (provider of Arena webpages)

We can manage that the password is the same, not more :-(
See my comment in Arena News Ticker too!

Hope this solved your problem!

Steve, could you send me later your UCI-II test version of Monarch?
Must see the new UCI II support, at the moment I believe no engine is compatible
to UCI II but Martin Blume and others wrote a little bit about UCI II and it
seems that Stefan Meyer-Kahlen made a really fantastic work with UCI II.

Have a nice evening!


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