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Subject: Re: Moderator questions


Date: 20:01:02 12/13/98

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On December 13, 1998 at 22:22:46, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>that is utter nonsense.  You do realize that if you get arrested by a city
>policeman, who is sworn and empowered only to uphold the law within the legally
>defined city limits where he works, that he *still* contacts county, state
>and federal law enforcement agencies to see what *else* you might have done,
>and that is used against you in your arrest.  And that they may even contact
>Interpol if they think it is necessary.

Bob... bad analogy, this is CCC and Cyberspace not New York city and Interpol..
completely different... but I understand your theory.

>Actions outside CCC are a part of overall behavior...  and misbehavior >somewhere else is just as valid to consider here as it is where it actually >occurred.

Uhhhh... Bob what you have just stated is a post or statement made *anywhere* on
the Internet could and should be used against a CCC member.  If a Board Member
is anti-pornography and a CCC member was caught posting at a pornographic Usenet
NG utilizing Deja News,  does this mean they deserve to be carded.... If so the
person *may* honestly have grounds for a lawsuit against the Board member and
ICD as they control the server....

>When scout leaders are evaluated for positions such as scoutmaster/assistant
>scoutmaster, their actions *outside* the scouting environment are *definitely*
>used to accept/reject them.

Again Bob.... this is CCC and Cyberspace not the Boy Scouts, whether a person is
irresponsible in some areas of their lives is irrelevant, conduct at CCC is and
can only be the ultimate judgment.... if CCC Member(A) called CCC Member(X) a
foul name at the ICC, should another member be able to Cherry Pick that post and
send it to the CCC Board... Does the Board *really* know what is happening at
ICC, perhaps there are other posts, chat line discussions etc. causing the
*post* in question to be foul.. the variables are endless and therefore, your
theory can never work properly...

>This "premise" is baloney...  it might be how you'd "like" it to be, but that
>doesn't mean that is the way it "ought" to be...

This is the way it *is*, has *always* been and should *stay*....and I applaud
the current Board Members for realizing this !!

>moderators can't "police" usenet, but there is nothing in CCC's charter to say
>they can't use behavior there to affect their decisions here...

Bob... your stating an "OXYMORON" if they are judging Members behaviour
off-board then they are "policing" Usenet...

BTW.. nice job on your KKup2 Crafty game... right now my CM5500 game is
floundering my opponent *still* has not moved.. read my post to *you* at rgcc
about it..



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