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Subject: Re: Question for the MTD(f) experts

Author: Richard Pijl

Date: 02:32:37 04/14/04

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>So my next question is, how do you normally populate a hash table with PV nodes,
>since we only get edge values during the search?  Do I need to follow the pv
>from hash to hash with a makemove for each succeeding pv node?

In addition to storing the move that gets a fail high, you could also store the
bestmove (i.e. score with highest value below alpha) in the hashtable. This only
makes some sense with fail soft. With fail hard (as TSCP is) you will (almost)
always get alpha as best value so the chosen move will be random.

That way you will be able to construct an estimation of the pv, which will
improve with each iteration.


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