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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Will Singleton

Date: 08:30:00 12/14/98

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On December 14, 1998 at 03:23:01, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>On December 14, 1998 at 01:58:53, Will Singleton wrote:
>>Right, I could have been more clear.  I meant to amplify my opinion that it
>>doesn't matter where the crazy stuff is posted, in rgcc, here, or in the
>You're saying that if I respond to some random crazy post in the investment
>usenet group, with "shut up you crazy fool", and the person I respond to happens
>to be a CCC member, or even that it wasn't a post by a CCC member, but that a
>CCC member found this in DejaNews and brought it to your attention, that you
>would yank my CCC account?

Wait a sec, I didn't say "yank the account."  I said "suspend the account."  But
"shut up you crazy fool" is not at all the same as nazi rantings, which is what
this question originally was about, as you posted it.  My intent was to say that
I wouldn't tolerate someone ranting about nazis and the like, no matter where
the post was made.

Look, let me make this clear.  If you are having a conversation with someone on
rgcc, and the fur starts to fly, you must meet certain requirements of decorum
in order to have a useful discussion, right?  If the conversation gets into a
series of one-liners regarding the holocaust, capitalist swine, and
wife-beating, then that person is denigrating himself, and would denigrate CCC
by association.  If the conversation were heated, but not "crazy" or overtly
personal in nature, then that's another story.

Look, it's a tough question, but that's where I come down.  If people want a
harder line on this sort of stuff, they'll vote for me; if not, they won't.  And
whatever the result, it's fine with me.

Will Singleton

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