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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 13:21:44 12/14/98

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On December 14, 1998 at 05:38:33, SEAN EVANS wrote:

>On December 14, 1998 at 00:03:20, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>Here's a question to answer, *then* we might be able to communicate here about
>>this issue.
>>You have a 16-year old daughter that meets a boy at school.  He asks here out
>>to go to a movie, or ballgame or whatever.  Before you tell here "yes" you do
>>a little asking around.  You discover this kid has been arrested twice for
>>driving while drinking.  You discover that he got some young girl pregnant last
>>year.  Do you let your daughter go out with him?
>>What?  you'd let actions *somewhere else* influence your decision *now*?
>Bob... you are confusing the issues with side analogies... 16 year old
>daughters, pregnancy..??!!

I'm not confusing a single thing.  Simple example to show *why* someone would
definitely let actions *somewhere else* influence their decisions *here*.  At
least *I* would do so.  I wouldn't try to do anything about how that kid
behaves elsewhere, so I am *not* trying to police him wherever he goes.  But
I would *definitely* take note of how he has behaved in the past and decide
whether I want to take a chance that he will repeat this again or not...

>>Would that be a double-standard?  Or did you misunderstand my comments about
>>what is going on in r.g.c.c...  if someone is abusive over there, in a public
>>forum just like CCC, wouldn't you suspect he/she would do the same over here?
>>And if they do, and you kick them out, and you notice they *continue* to be
>>abusive over there, would you let them back in *here*???
>Just plain wrong...
>>That is the issue.

Wrong, only because you are the one that doesn't know how to behave...  If
you'd act responsibly in *both* places I would have no problems with you at
all, and am willing to discuss anything you want, at any time you want to.
But based on behavior in r.g.c.c, I'm not particularly interested in talking
with you anywhere at present, because the conversations generally go into the
toilet pretty quickly most of the time...

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