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Subject: Re: When to do a null move search - an experiment

Author: Steve Maughan

Date: 08:29:45 04/29/04

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Omid David Tabibi,

>Falcon's extensions are usually strong enough to counter the effects of some
>of the pruning methods it uses. In the latest Falcon I have even stronger
>extensions, and running it on tactical test suites it scores higher than any
>other engine

Excellent!  When you say "any other engine" does this include The King /
ChessMaster since IMO this is the one engine that is often overlooked in
comparisions and is still one of the strongest at tactics.



>(but I'm not yet sure whether these extensions are really helpful
>in pratice...). But verified null-move pruning helps to detect zugwangs. I
>modified the original verified null-move algorithm slightly, and now it works
>even more efficiently. So far, Falcon had no problem in any of the zugwang
>positions posted here.

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