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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 08:12:50 12/19/98

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On December 19, 1998 at 07:25:28, SEAN EVANS wrote:

>On December 18, 1998 at 23:02:31, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>By the way, I think there are enough of "us" to guarantee that there *will*
>>*not* be a "war" in the computer chess community.  Hard to fight a war when
>>one side is unarmed...  And your password can be removed as easily the second
>>time as it was the first time.
>If the *new* moderators are smart and fair they will remove Dr. Hyatt's
>passwords as he is really the *main* problem both at CCC and rgcc, but he is a
>computer chess programmer.......Seems Like My Earlier Point Is Now Confirmed...

If the current moderators weren't so lenient, you wouldn't have been able to
post the above drivel here in the first place....  You should thank your lucky
stars they are....

But if you want to start a "war" you won't last a day...

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