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Subject: Ktulu 5.1 by Rahman Paidar released ...

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 04:35:16 05/31/04

Hi there,

News from Gladiator-Shop:

But ... in my bad English:


May 31st, 2004
First update of Ktulu
WB/UCI Ktulu 5.1 by Rahman Paidar (Iran) available for customers.

Today we have sent the first update of WB/UCI Ktulu to our customers.

Rahman Paidar added between the freeware version 4.2 and the first commercial
version 5.0 a lot of new chess knowledge in Ktulu. In the next step optimize
Rahman the new chess knowledge and our beta testers reported fantastic results
for Ktulu 5.1 Beta 3-II and Ktulu 5.1 Beta 7 Experimental. New ideas from Ktulu
5.1 Beta 7 add Rahman in Ktulu 5.1 Beta 3-II and this latest version of Ktulu
5.1 Beta 3-II seems to be clearly stronger as Ktulu 5.0. A tester reported more
as 100 ELO, an other reported 75 ELO or a little bit more. But more interesting
is the playing style of Ktulu. Please never await a move you thinking from
Ktulu. Ktulu will find moves which are really unawait and your brain will start
to work in such situations. Ktulu beat in many test games the best freeware
engines and we (testers and myself) are thinking that Rahman have create a
fantastic chess engine. A lot of beta test results can be found in Arena Support

Rahman wrote about his program (Ktulu 5.1 Beta 3-II, latest version = release
version of Ktulu) ...

Here is the changes since Ktulu 5.0:
- improved search technic.
- added and cleaned some knowledge in evaluation function.
- tuning parameters in evaluation functiion.
- slightly better in tactics.
- fixed several bugs.

Thanks to our BETA Testers for a really great work:
- Jan Kiwitter (long time tester of Ktulu), Germany
- Alexander Schmidt, Germany
- Hinrich Buhr, Germany
- Harry Schnapp, Germany
- Chris Taylor, England
- Thomas Wallendik, Germany
- Wolfgang Draeger, Germany

And now have fun with Ktulu 5.1 ... one of the new stars in computer chess area!



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