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Subject: Use of Java UCI/WB Chess Engines

Author: Manfred Rosenboom

Date: 06:23:36 05/31/04


as a Java programmer I'm especially interested in the available Java chess
engines. Problem with this engines is often, to make them run under the
different chess GUIs (Arena, ChessBase, WinBoard, ...). E.g. it seems not too
easy to run the Java UCI engine Eden under the ChessBase GUI. To make things
easier, I wrote a small tool, called <b>jlaunch</b>. Just copy this tool into
your Java chess engine's directory and create the Java engine specific file. You can now select the jlaunch.exe in your GUI as chess
engine and the program will start the Java chess engine. Eden runs now without
any problems both in my Arena and Shredder 8 GUI. Same is true for Pyotr under

For more details see the jlaunch download page:

<a href=""


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