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Subject: Performance rating calculation

Author: Dan Wulff

Date: 14:16:15 06/02/04


I've been thinking about using performance rating to select moves for Gandalf's
opening book, but I cannot seem to find the correct way to calculate the
performance rating od a given move.

Say a 2600 player wins a game against an 2500 opponent, starting with 1. e4,
what would the performance rating be after that ??

I've been looking at the ratings in the CB GUI, but sometimees, when only one
game has been played, the Performance is over 3200, which I cannot seem to fit
into the ELO rating formula, where the highest possible gain/loss for a single
game is 16 ELO points.

Am I going about this in a completely wrong manner, or does performance rating
have nothing whatsoever to do with ELO rating ??


Dan Wulff
(The Gandalf Team)

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