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Subject: Re: To Eugene Nalimov: Copyright of Tablebase files

Author: F. Huber

Date: 03:11:44 06/05/04

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On June 05, 2004 at 05:25:58, Reinhard Scharnagl wrote:

>On June 05, 2004 at 01:39:40, Karl-Heinz Milaster wrote:
>>last year I  buy 11 Tablebase cd's on Ebay. Last month I receive a letter from
>>the german police: Probably the seller has violate the copyright of ChessBase.
>>But the cd's are not a simple copy of any ChessBase product.
>>Is this possible? Has ChessBase a exclusive right to bring tablebase cd's to the
>>german market?
>>Excuse my englisch.
>>Kind regards,
>>Karl-Heinz Milaster
>Hello Karl-Heinz,
>I am not a lawyer. But I will describe my thoughts on that:
>Even if a data source is free, that does not mean, that a special container
>of that content also would be free. The gathering (calculating) and storing
>of data in a special way into a file, or the arrangement of such files in
>a special set is a result of creativity and copyright protected (in Germany)
>as a newly created independent intellectual property.
>Therefore in your case it would matter, from where the copied files (not the
>included tables) had been taken and whether that has been free material or not.
>Regards, Reinhard.

Hi Reinhard!

Would you really say, that e.g. if I take the TB-files 1+2+3 and put them
onto a CD in the order 3+2+1, this rearrangement would be any kind of
´creativity´ from my side??
(I really hope to be indeed much more ´creative´ ... ;-))

Best regards,

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