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Subject: Re: Collector's Corner...Fischer

Author: Mike Byrne

Date: 20:45:07 07/16/04

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On July 16, 2004 at 23:07:45, steven blincoe wrote:

>In keeping with the news of the day..the following is a letter that appeared in
>the first issue of the short lived "Computer Chess Newsletter" published by
>Douglas L.Penrod-1977
>i have typed the letter word for word as it appeared on page 3 of that issue
>in it Fischer gives some comments about the very first chess computer  sold to
>the public,the "Chess Challenger"
>i think this is possibly the first published review by anyone of a dedicated
>chess computer.
>the games Fischer played against the Greenblatt program that he mentions in the
>letter appeared in the second issue of the newsletter on page 18
>Fischers letter:
>copyright 1977 Bobby Fischer  MAY 17 1977
>"Dear Mr. Penrod,i think your computer-chess newsletter is a very good idea.
>i recently played some games on a terminal with the Greenblatt program.
>Enclosed are three of them.
>i made the mistake of buying the "Chess Challenger".
>its ridiculously weak.they really  shouldn't have come out with it.
>they also made a botch of the keyboard so its hard to follow the moves.
>somehow they reversed the algebraic notation so that the files are numbered and
>the ranks are lettered,if you can believe that!
>i know i can give it a Queen and a Rook ,because i gave them away in the opening
>and won.But i can probably give it much more.
>in the endgame its almost impossible to lose to it.
>provided you agree and acknowledge that i have all the publication rights to
>this letter and the enclosed games scores you can publish them in your
>Bobby Fischer

Bobbt Fischer owned a Chess Challenger - that is interesting - if he had it
right, he would have rec'd all the chess computers he wanted for free - he just
had to endorse a few ...Fischer is great chess genius that has seemed to lose
his way outside of chess, just like most of us lose our way on the chess board
...very sad - I believe he has been unstable for a long time and needs medical
attention , not jail ...

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