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Subject: Re: null move question(Fruit)

Author: Fabien Letouzey

Date: 07:47:47 07/23/04

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On July 23, 2004 at 10:09:36, Jan K. wrote:

>Thanks for reply...I turned everything that could spoil the search off except
>repetition detection,check extension,null move and hashtables.

>with null move on repetition on:
>4 2.43 c1a3 e6e1 a1e1 f2e1 h1g2 c5b4
>5 2.56 c1f4 e6e1 a1e1 f2e1 h1g2 e1b4 d3b3 b4b3
>6 2.56 c1f4 e6e1 a1e1 f2e1 h1g2 e1b4 d3b3 b4b3 c2b3
>7 2.60 c1b2 e6e1 a1e1 f2e1 h1g2 e1b4 b2a3 b4a4 a3c5
>8 0.00 c1b2 e6e2 d3c4 f7g6 c4d3 g6f7

>wrong, but it sees d3c4 as repetition too at root, it's just that c1b2 comes
>first in move ordering :))

I am not sure what you mean with "wrong".  Does it change its mind in the
following iterations?  If so I see nothing wrong.  Don't forget - as I said
before - that "0" does *not* mean "proven draw".


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